Greek City Times

Nikoletta Skarlatos the Artisan of Makeup Mastery

Interview by the fabulous Vassilios Nicolaos Vitsilogiannis for the Greek City Times

Nikoletta Skarlatos, an acclaimed makeup artist, has captivated the beauty industry with her exceptional talent and creative vision. Her journey into the world of makeup artistry began in her early childhood in Greece, where she developed a fascination for the transformative power of makeup. Nikoletta’s artistic flair blossomed during her years as a dedicated ballet dancer, where she not only designed her costumes but also meticulously crafted makeup looks for each character she portrayed.
In the United States, Nikoletta’s passion for makeup led her to a serendipitous encounter with the Regional Director of Chanel Cosmetics, which marked the beginning of her remarkable career. Her dedication and hard work quickly propelled her to become the West Coast Makeup Artist for Chanel, showcasing her talent in makeup techniques, skincare formulations, and product development. Nikoletta’s journey continued to flourish as she transitioned to work with the Lauder corporation, expanding her expertise in designing signature makeup looks for their brand.

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